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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trailer Shows Greez and Merrin For The First Time




Yes, we might have to wait a little longer than expected, but the wait for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is almost over. Just a little more than a month to go until the launch of the sequel, and a new story trailer for Survivor has finally confirmed Greez and Merrin are okay, showing the two of them in the follow-up Game for the very first time.

The new trailer kicks off with reconfirmation from Cal that it has been five years since Fallen Order. A long five years, to be exact, as it quickly becomes clear the Empire has a stronger hold on the galaxy than ever before. The Mantis is then shown falling from the sky as a familiar voice can be heard saying Cal's name. It's a split second after that the Jedi is shown with Merrin.

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Fear not Greez fans, the Mantis's (sort of) fearless pilot is there too. Fallen Order fans were fearful Greez had been killed between Games as previous trailers have shown Cal flying the ship alone, something Greez made very clear he was dead against on multiple occasions. While the good news is Greez is okay, the bad news is he doesn't exactly look like he's been vacationing in Noboo.

Sporting much longer hair than he did in the first Game, the first look we get of Greez is when he and Cal embrace, suggesting the pair have been separated for a while. At least they're back together now as Cal, Greez, and Merrin will be joined by a new character, Bode Akuna. The mercenary is the gentleman Cal is speaking with towards the end of the trailer who imagines a world where Jedi will no longer need to keep looking over their shoulder.

The trailer also included another, albeit very brief, look at Rayvis. The new villain, who gives off some serious Thanos vibes, is a Gen'dai. If you're very, very familiar with Star Wars lore, you'll know that makes Rayvis almost unkillable, so quite the foe for Cal and the team.

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