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Star Wars Fans Think Cal Has Trained Merrin To Use The Force Like A Jedi




Star Wars fans were able to breathe a collective sigh of relief this week as the newest trailer for Jedi: Survivor confirmed Greez and Merrin are okay and will be a part of the sequel. Many of you have been dissecting the trailer ever since, potentially highlighting that Merrin seems to be using her magick in a way that suggests Cal has been teaching her the ways of the Jedi.

In the trailer, Merrin is shown fighting off a Stormtrooper before then using her magick to presumably finish the Empire's footsoldier off. However, adamel0n_2 thinks that isn't necessarily magick Merrin is using, but it's actually the Force. Effectively one and the same, although the way Merrin seems to be using her magick in the new trailer is much more Jedi-like than something a Nightsister would do.


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Merrin officially joined the Mantis crew towards the end of Fallen Order, but since five years have passed between the first Game and Survivor and she remains an ally of Cal, it's feasible the Jedi has been teaching her how to use magick in a different way. It certainly looks like she's force-pushing an enemy below, suggesting Cal has been training her up for whatever evils they'll face in Survivor.

Well, this wasnt magick. Maybe Cal will be teaching her the ways of the jedi? from FallenOrder

There are plenty of theories suggesting what the above might signify, some of which agree with the idea that Cal has been training Merrin and others that don't. Some of you think Cal and Merrin may well be training each other, and that the Jedi has picked up a few Nightsister tricks in a trade-off for helping Merrin to become more of a Jedi.

Whatever Merrin is up to, she and the rest of the crew are going to need as much help as they can get. Shown again during the new trailer was Rayvis. A new enemy from a Star Wars species many fans might not have heard of called the Gen'dai as they have rarely been featured in any shows, Games, or movies. The Gen'dai live for thousands of years and are framed as being almost invincible, so taking one down is probably going to require more than magick and the Force.

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