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Spider-Man Remastered Mod Adds Eerily Accurate Andrew Garfield Skin




Only one thing is guaranteed when a PlayStation exclusive is eventually ported to PC. That there will be a laundry list of weird and wonderful mods available in the days, weeks, and months following its launch. Marvel's Spider-Man might well be the PS port that has been modded most, but the award for the best, and perhaps creepiest, mod of all hadn't found its winner until now.

When you think of Spider-Man, the image that appears in your head will likely differ from person to person. Which version of the web-slinger your mind conjures up will be dictated by your age, the platform on which you have experienced Spider-Man the most, and most important of all, who you think has been the best Spidey over the years.

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For many of you, Andrew Garfield clad in red and blue will be what appears in your head. Sadly, that isn't the Spider-Man who swings through New York City in Insomniac's Game. Until now. Rezauddin Nur has created a mod that applies a Garfield skin to the lead character. That's Garfield the man, not the orange cat. You'll need to play Stray for that mod.

andrew garfield on a wall in marvel's spider-man
via Insomniac/Nexus Mods

While some mods look fine but out of place, the Garfield skin you can download and apply through Nexus Mods looks fantastic. In fact, you might argue it looks a little too fantastic. As you can see from the image above, Garfield in Spider-Man remastered looks a little eerie, and I can't quite put my finger on why that is. Perhaps it's a combination of the lingering smile permanently etched on his face and the fact I know he's not supposed to be there.

Spider-Man mods may well be what some of you are using to stay busy while you wait for the launch of Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Despite no new trailer since the Game was announced almost 18 months ago, Insomniac continues to reassure Spidey fans the sequel will launch in the fall. No appearance from the Game in this week's State of Play either as the presentation was largely dominated by Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Gameplay.

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