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Sorry Gamers, Looks Like There's No Skin In Starfield




The highly anticipated video Game Starfield has just been rated R18+ in Australia. Despite the restrictive rating suggesting at least some sex, according to the country's Classification Board, Starfield won't be featuring any sex at all. The agency is responsible for rating video Games and other Entertainment media in Australia. Starfield will be “restricted to adults as it contains content that is considered high in impact for viewers."

While the Game features violence in addition to mature themes and language, Starfield will not have any sexual content, at least if you go by the information published by the Classification Board. The agency has rated the Game's violence as "strong impact" which is enough to justify an MA15+ rating, while the Game's themes and language are of "moderate impact," meaning they're "mature," but still accessible to players under the age of 15. The main concern of the Classification Board is clearly drug use, a feature which earned the Game its R18+ rating.


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Despite this apparent lack of sex, the Game does contain "very mild impact" nudity, so players might see some skin, but that’s likely to be just about it. How this R18+ rating will affect the Game's reception in Australia remains to be seen, but it's likely that a certain segment of the population will be rather disappointed. Some players, on the other hand, may welcome the change, preferring a departure from the often explicit content found in modern video Games.

The developer behind the Game, Bethesda, has not yet commented on the Game's rating and it's currently unclear whether the absence of sex was a deliberate decision or simply a result of the Game's focus on other themes. There could also have been content removed from the Australian version of the Game, but regardless of the reason, Starfield won’t be featuring much in the way of intercourse when it comes out later this year.

The wait won’t be long at this point even despite the recent delays, as Starfield now has a confirmed release date of September 6, 2023. Potential players are also going to be getting a sneak peek at the Game during the summer, Xbox having announced a special showcase on June 11.

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