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Sony Was The Highest-Rated Publisher On Metacritic In 2022




Every year, Metacritic will publish a list of the top-rated publishers from the past 12 months. A little different from regular game awards which means this one won't inevitably go to Elden Ring. As a matter of fact, despite Elden Ring's success, its publisher didn't manage to top 2022's Metacritic rankings. That honor goes to Sony thanks to the heavy hitters it gave the world last year.

Check out the full rundown of all 45 publishers that made Metacritic's rankings this year (thanks, VGC). Sony tops the bills after finishing second in 2021, clocking in with an average score of 85.6 across all titles it launched in 2022. Not too shabby at all and unsurprising since it was a year that included God Of War Ragnarok, The Last Of Us Part 1, and PC ports for Spider-Man and Miles Morales.


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Metacritic's ranking isn't based on average scores alone. How many titles a publisher had across the year rated higher than 90 (great Game) and 75 (good Game) also play a part in the equation, as well as how many Games, if any, scored a 49 or lower (bad Game). A publisher also needs to have launched at least five Games during the calendar year to qualify.

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That's why last year's chart-topper Microsoft is nowhere to be seen. It's no secret Xbox had an incredibly quiet year in 2022 as flagship exclusives such as Redfall and Starfield had their release dates pushed into 2023. With hype for both of those Games being pretty high right now, it's possible Microsoft takes back its crown this year. It will have Spider-Man 2 and The Last Of Us Part 1's PC port to comPete with on the Sony side of things, though.

Also ranking highly in 2022 were Paradox Interactive which just qualified for the rankings having published five Games last year, and Focus Entertainment thanks to titles like Shredder's Revenge and A Plague Tale: Requiem. Nintendo failed to break the top ten despite having big hitters like Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Bayonetta 3, and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in its 2022 portfolio.

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