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Sons Of The Forset Devs Promise Kelvin Can Still Destroy Your Base After Update




Sons of the Forest’s latest patch fixed Kelvin. Or made him worse, depending on your perspective. He no longer cuts down trees that are being used as supports for player structures, and he can also fish. That’s great, but Kelvin stans sort of liked his propensity to randomly destroy parts of the player’s base and then follow it up with a childlike grin and a thumbs-up. You just couldn’t stay mad at the old Kelvin.

The new one though? Fans are complaining that Kelvin just isn’t the same. The backlash has gotten to the point that Sons of the Forest developer Endnight Games have provided PC Gamer with an official response promising that the new Kelvin can still blow up your base.

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"Players shouldn't worry as there are still plenty of ways Kelvin can destroy your base, such as chopping a tree directly onto it," wrote an Endnight spokesperson. "We do plan to keep adding to Kelvin's abilities over the course of Early Access and hope we can keep him both useful and fun to experience the world with."

Kelvin from Sons of the Forest pointing behind the player character

Sons of the Forest is still in early access, so there are lots of possibilities for Kelvin upgrades. Endnight recently revealed plans for Kelvin including added tasks such as having him help fortify your base and repairing damaged walls. In the meantime, I wouldn't be too worried about Kelvin. He seems perfectly capable of hurting himself even after the latest patch.

Sons of the Forest has been a stunning success for Endnight, breaking into Steam's most popular Games with over 400,000 players last month. The Game's popularity has even caused a resurgence in Endnight's earlier survival horror Game, The Forest, with player counts rising by 150 percent on both the PS4 and PS5. This has gotten The Forest to chart once again with PlayStation, breaking into the top 40 most-played Games.

Sons of the Forest is still strictly on PC through Steam's early access, but there's every chance that the Game will hit PlayStation once it gets closer to an official release date. We'll be sure to report back when Endnight makes an announcement.

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