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Sons Of The Forest Players Horrified To Learn That Kelvin Can Die




Kelvin is one of the reasons Sons of the Forest has taken the world by storm. He chops wood like a pro, catches enough fish to populate a lake, and doesn't talk much – pretty much the perfect assistant for when you're stuck on a cannibal infested island. Of course, given the effects of the brain damage he has suffered, there's the occasional chance that he might just destroy your base entirely. Other than that, he's a great guy.

However, players are willing to overlook this and have professed their love for the helpful companion. So, you can imagine how devastated they'd be to find out that Kelvin can actually die. One player was so surprised to learn that the NPC could be killed in a survival Game that they decided to take it to the Sons of the Forest Subreddit. Clearly, they weren't the only one surprised by this, as the comments section was filled with baffled replies. Along with that, there was also a lot of appreciation for his skill in catching fish straight out of the water.

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The truly terrifying part is finding out that once he's dead, he's gone for good – perhaps that's why the devs decided to include another NPC, Virginia. There is, however, a way to bring the two NPCs back to life, but it includes messing around with the in-Game console. Looks like you'll need to keep an eye on Kelvin from now on, and make sure no cannibals gobble up the diligent little helper.

If you're not too happy with Kelvin, the devs plan to add a lot more commands and functions for him later on. So, this might bring you around on the NPC. "We have big plans to keep adding tasks Kelvin can complete, some ideas in progress are having him help construct a wall around your base, or fortify/repair the base when needed," said developer Endnight.

As for Virginia, the devs "plan to add more to her A.I. particularly giving her more bravery if she has a weapon, and also depending on how many mutants/cannibals she has killed."

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