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Sons Of The Forest Players Have Fallen In Love With NPC Helper Kelvin




To say Sons of the Forest was a highly-anticipated title is an understatement. It was Steam's most wishlisted Game before its Early Access launch and may have even caused the entire platform to go down earlier today due to its popularity. It's clearly a Game that is poised to become the next big thing, as many are currently playing and enjoying their time attempting to survive the forests. However, one feature from Sons of the Forest has managed to stand apart from the rest, and his name is Kelvin.

For a little context, Sons of the Forest begins with you enjoying a helicopter ride with Kelvin before it does what all helicopters do in video Game intros and crashes. This leaves you and Kelvin stranded in the middle of nowhere, although the latter has suffered a horrible brain injury that leaves him deaf and mute. Unable to speak or listen to what you're saying, the only way to communicate with Kelvin is through a notepad, which you can use to tell him to gather resources, help build structures, or go rest.

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Quite unexpectedly, players have completely fallen in love with Kelvin, as he tries his best to help you out regardless of the situations you put him in. He'll go fetch some logs for you, he only takes breaks until you directly tell him to, and players are doing their best to make sure this wholesome man remains as safe as possible during their time with the Game.

Unfortunately, Kelvin is also developing a bit of a reputation for accidentally wrecking your building plans, as there are dozens of clips online of him accidentally making life a whole lot harder for players. In his willingness to collect wood, there are videos of Kelvin chopping down treehouses, completely wrecking complicated builds, and even accidentally dropping trees on players. He does all of this with a big grin on his face and with warmth in his heart, usually accompanied by a big thumbs up, so it's a little difficult to get properly mad at him.

Do not trust Kelvin.
by u/Successful-System827 in SonsOfTheForest

Despite all of this man's blatant mistakes, Sons of the Forests players have become incredibly attached to him even after just a few hours of playing. You'll find plenty of Kelvin appreciation threads on Reddit and Twitter if you go looking for them, so it's nice to see people bonding with him even if he does accidentally destroy a base or two. Just make sure to keep an eye on the rascal if you have plans to build a treehouse any time soon, and you'll have a friend for life.

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