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Sons Of The Forest Players Hate Kelvin Now That He's Helpful




The beloved character in Sons of the Forest Kelvin has undergone a significant change with the latest patch, leaving some players unhappy with the result. Kelvin's endearing clumsiness and adorable blend of energy and childlike friendliness have been replaced with somewhat more intelligent behavior. This naturally has many fans feeling like he's lost his charm.

Kelvin's newly found intelligence has been put on display through various bug fixes including catching fish and not cutting down trees with player structures attached. Although these may seem like obvious improvements, some fans are unhappy with the changes. Players have been taking to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with the new Kelvin, one user stating that "he was so good at getting logs" and another explaining that "I hate Kelvin now."

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The response to Kelvin's update has been mixed. While some fans appreciate the changes, others clearly want to keep the old Kelvin. The developer behind Sons of the Forest, Endnight Games, has yet to respond to this disappointment and it remains unclear if the company will ever change Kelvin back to his former self, but the odds are certainly against this ever happening.

Fans of the Game have grown attached to Kelvin's clumsiness, with some likening him to a beloved friend or family member. The innocence and eagerness to please were part of the character’s charm, something which made Kelvin a favorite among players. Endnight Games however appears to have decided to take the character in a different direction.

Sons of the Forest remains popular, even despite the changes made in the latest patch. Kelvin's update may have caused a stir in the community, but it remains apparent that Sons of the Forest will continue gaining steam. Whether or not Endnight Games decides to change Kelvin back remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, Sons of the Forest will continue to captivate players for years to come.

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