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Sons Of The Forest Players Are Creating Their Own Kelvin Armies




Sons of the Forest is finally in the hands of players, and while you'll find a range of opinions on the Game's quality, pretty much everyone that's playing has fallen in love with the Game's handy helper Kelvin. His helpful nature and tendency to chop down treehouses has made the character a beloved figure in the Sons of the Forest community. He's only one person though, so the ways he can help you are slightly limited, but it doesn't have to be that way if you know your way around a PC.

It turns out that there's currently a mod being passed around the Sons of the Forest community that is allowing players use of the DebugConsole. By typing in the words "add character robby", players can spawn an infinite number of Kelvins (or as many as your PC can handle at once) to help out with construction and other projects, and the videos coming out are something to behold.


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These videos can all be found on the Sons of the Forest subreddit, in which x9Wildcard kicks things off by sharing their attempts to get a Kelvin army to help gather wood. It's one of the smaller armies out there, comprised of around a dozen Kelvins as they move in and out of a nearby forest with logs in tow. In a separate video, they then try and get their Kelvin army to build a treehouse, although the results aren't nearly as successful.

Another user takes things one step further though, and has attempted to deforest a huge chunk of the island with their Kelvin army. Obviously, that's going to require a whole lot of Kelvins, and you can see just how much the user's PC is struggling to keep up with that many wholesome men.

If you want to create your own Kelvin army to do your bidding, you can check out and download the mod here. Just be aware that more Kelvins means more responsibility. You had better not mistreat Sons of the Forest's best boy, no matter how many of him there may be.

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