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Sons Of The Forest Player Figures Out How To Lock Doors




Sons of the Forest features quite an intricate building system. Considering you're on an island infested with cannibals – among other things – it only makes sense that you'd want to build a wall around yourself. However, you're going to need to step outside those walls at some point, hence the need for a door. Unfortunately, like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park, the local fauna – which wants to eat you – has also mastered the art of opening doors.

However, it seems that there is a way to ensure that the door is locked. As revealed by Live-Temperature1308 on Reddit, if you want to lock your door, just place two small logs vertically on either side of the doorframe, and lay one log horizontally across them. This technique is so simple that it might actually make you feel a bit silly for not realising it yourself.

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Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest has some issues which result in enemies clipping through your defences or directly spawning into your base – this method won't really help against that as it's something the devs need to address. The poster also noted that "you seem to need to place two quarter logs for the first post, drape a full log from the top of it and then prop it up with a half log otherwise it doesn't like it."

Until these issues are solved, you could use this technique and hope that enemies don't clip through. At worst, at least it will slow them down a bit so that you can get to them.

However, they also pointed out a very interesting insight which might help you in defending against cannibals. "While we were trying to suss [out] different solutions, we figured because the cannibals can do anything that Kelvin and Virginia can do (plus a lot more) that it's mechanically not possible to exclude cannibals from an area without building. You can only slow them down with spikes etc."

It seems using Kevin and Virginia as guinea pigs for your defences is a good way to check if they'll be effective against enemies when you're being raided.

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