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Sons Of The Forest Is The Fifth Most Popular Game On Steam Right Now




Sons of the Forest continues to take Steam by storm, now rising to be the fifth most popular Game on the platform this weekend. At the time of writing, it has almost 100,000 more players than sixth place's Hogwarts Legacy, and sits behind Steam chart mainstays like PUBG and Apex Legends.

Despite being a much smaller early access Game, Sons of the Forest is also giving these other titles a run for their money in terms of 24-hour peak player counts. Right now, the record is 411,804 users playing the survival Game at once, a little under PUBG's daily record of 490,332. And of course, with the Game not even fully released, this playerbase could grow even further.


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This news also comes as it's reported that Sons of the Forest sold two million copies in its first 24 hours. These players also seem to be enjoying their time in the survival horror Game too, as it currently has more than 41,000 positive reviews.

Sons Of The Forest, Holding Severed Head

Looking at the stats, Sons of the Forest's player count hasn't started to dip yet either, so it's possible that it hasn't even reached its peak yet. Of course, as I write this, many in the US will still be asleep, so we could see a whole lot more players as the day goes on.

While it's certainly surprising to see an indie survival Game amass a faNBAse that could rival the biggest triple-A Games on Steam, it's not too shocking that Sons of the Forest in particular has performed well since its early access launch. It was the most wishlisted Game on Steam, even overtaking Starfield, showing that there was an audience for the title before it even launched. For whatever reason, it's just filling a gap in the market that many didn't realize existed. Maybe it's because we've all fallen in love with Kelvin - even if he sometimes destroys our base. He didn't mean it, alright?

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