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Sons Of The Forest First Update Adds Hang Glider And Door Locks




Sons of the Forest just got its first big patch, adding a hang glider, the ability to lock doors, and several quality-of-life tweaks. But if you've been relying on the shotgun, you might want to be a bit careful the next time you take it to a group of cannibals, since its damage has been halved.

As reported by PCGamesN, you can lock your doors by putting a stick on the inside, and there's even a new defensive wall gate to better protect your base. Once protected, you might be more interested in some interior decorating, trying to make your home more homely. Luckily, now you can move small furniture around. Alternatively, you can smash it up and get all the resources back.


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Then we have Kelvin. He's being cloned to create an army, fans love him, and they're even mourning the fact that he can die, but he has a nasty habit of destroying bases. Luckily, this update stops him from chopping down treehouses and keeps him from fishing for too long. There's a good Kelvin.

Sons Of The Forest - Kelvin

Lockable doors, new defences, a better Kelvin, movable furniture, a hang glider, binoculars, the ability to reset settings, a new boss fight in the food bunker, and a fixed fish trap - there's a lot of good in this new update. But there are also some tweaks to make things more balanced, while also making the cannibals more of a threat.

There are now lookout towers in some of their villages, and they can even dive out of trees to attack you. The plus side is that muddy cannibals will get less angry, but their armour Health has been increased by 1.5 times on hard difficulty. Creepies will also get more Health if there are more co-op players active, so all in all, you might want to be careful who you pick a fight with.

Finally, the update has added a sleep cooldown, and enemies can wake you up if they find you while you're napping. I'd say keep a shotgun by your pillow, but with its damage halved, it might not be the best bet anymore.

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