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Sons Of The Forest Devs Have "Big Plans" To Improve Kelvin's AI




Kelvin from Sons of the Forest has surprisingly become one of the most beloved NPCs in all of gaming. Sure, he's a little brain-damaged, and he can't hear or speak, but he's just so damn wholesome. He'll proudly flash a thumbs-up even as he chops wood from the log cabin you were trying to build. Who can stay mad at a guy like that?

It seems that most players aren't so much mad at Kelvin's destructive tendencies, but are more upset with the few tasks you can give him. Through your notepad, you can order Kelvin to build stuff, gather resources, or sleep. That's it. However, it might not stay that way for long.

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In a new video, OnlyReformer (via PC Gamer) compiled a Q&A that reveals developer Endnight Games' plans for Sons of the Forest after its successful early access launch. Chief among them are "big plans" to expand Kelvin's job possibilities.

"We have big plans to keep adding tasks Kelvin can complete, some ideas in progress are having him help construct a wall around your base, or fortify/repair the base when needed," said Endnight. The developer also revealed Kelvin was originally called "Zombie Boy" during development, but that was changed to Robby internally, and then finally Kelvin at release.

It's not just Kelvin that'll get an upgrade. "For Virginia," Endnight added, "we plan to add more to her A.I. particularly giving her more bravery if she has a weapon, and also depending on how many mutants/cannibals she has killed."

Elsewhere in the Q&A, we found out that Endnight plans to expand Sons of the Forests' story with more lore pickups and cutscenes as well as add a faster transportation option. We can also expect more tools for hosts to deal with player griefing, and more enemy types as well as more fleshed-out cannibal camps with additional building variety and ambient animations.

One of the more important narrative questions asked dealt with the GPS system, which some players are using to largely bypass the survival elements of Sons of the Forest to just get straight to the ending. "We do agree it's an issue and some players are just running all the way to the ending instead of living/existing in the world," Endnight said. The devs are discussing the issue internally but don't have a perfect solution just yet.

There are loads more questions, so check out the video above for more. Sons of the Forest is available now on Steam.

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