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Sonic Is In Samba De Amigo: Party Central Along With City Escape And Fist Bump




After 15 years, Sega has remembered Samba de Amigo exists, with the new Game Party Central announced last month. Now, not only is the Dreamcast-era rhythm series getting a sequel, it's partnering up with Sonic the Hedgehog too, who's bringing along two bangers in the process.

Sonic Adventure 2's Escape from the City and Sonic Forces' Fist Bump will both appear in the Samba de Amigo: Party Central base Game, available to play through from the start. The Gameplay for these tracks will also include Sonic himself, giving the two Sega series their first crossover in years.

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To go along with the two Sonic tracks, we'll also get a stage based around Sonic Adventure 2's opening, City Escape. Of course, Sonic will be bopping right next to Amigo, although he seemingly couldn't be bothered to pick up some maracas of his own.


That said, the song choice here is interesting, to put it mildly. Escape from the City makes sense, it's a classic from what is largely considered to be the best Sonic Game ever made. Fist Bump though? Sure, it has a lot of ironic appreciation, but it's also the theme for Sonic Forces, a Game that near-universally disappointed fans. Given that Sonic Frontiers is much more recent, and just got some DLC, it's strange that I'm Here isn't included in the base roster instead.

In any case, this Sonic/Samba announcement from Sega does mention that, along with 40 songs in the base Game, there will be "more arriving as post-launch DLC". It's possible the devs will sneak some Sonic Frontiers tunes in that way, because there are a whole lot to choose from there.

As for now, we still don't have a specific release date for Samba de Amigo: Party Central. All we know for sure is that it's coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch at some point in the summer. Which is finally approaching, at long last, so we can expect the release date reveal soon.

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