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Sonic Frontiers Sights, Sounds, And Speed Update Lets You Upgrade Stats In Bulk




Many of you will be returning to Sonic Frontiers today as the first of its free promised DLC updates has now gone live. The Sights, Sounds, and Speed DLC brings a number of improvements and additions to the Game, but you might not know about what might well be the best change of all. You can now upgrade your stats in bulk rather than painstakingly exchanging your seeds one at a time.

Sonic has four stats you can improve throughout the Game. Strength, defense, speed, and ring capacity. The hedgehog needs to trade in seeds for the first two and recovered Kocos for the others. Doing so with the Hermit and Elder Kocos, respectively, can be a pretty boring but necessary task. Or at least it was before today.

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While it isn't front and center when flaunting what the first wave of DLC brings, an in-Game pop-up has revealed Sonic's stats can now be upgraded in bulk. “Elder and Hermit Koco can change status levels in bulk,” the very final bullet point reads. The update also appears to have added a new prompt to the Game you can use when in Cyber Space to restart the level.

sonic frontiers dlc update pop-up
via Sega

While the above is effectively the small print of today's update, the headlines are represented by the three words that make up its name. Sights because Frontiers now has a photo mode, sounds for the jukebox now available so you can listen to the Game's entire soundtrack no matter where you are on the Starfall Islands, and speed represents the new challenges you have been tasked with completing.

Exciting stuff, but it really does feel like the best is still to come. Sonic Frontiers will get at least two more updates. One celebrating Sonic's birthday, so presumably rolling out in June, and then a third that will make other characters playable and build on its story mode. We may well have the chance to play every single Sonic Game Gear title on modern platforms this summer too if the Origins Plus reports hold any weight.

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