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Sonic Frontiers Mod Adds Cut Enemy Designs




Sonic Frontiers was in the works for years and went through a bunch of iterations before Sonic Team landed on the look and feel of the final product. And as revealed in some concept art made available to anyone who picked up the Digital Deluxe Edition of the Game, there were some enemy designs left on the cutting room floor.

Now, a fan has gone back and re-implemented them into the Game, replacing the vanilla enemy designs with something a lot more exciting. These different interpretations of the enemies found across the Open Zones in Frontiers are a lot flashier than what the devs settled on in the end, and give us a glimpse at what the Game could have looked like.

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This mod comes courtesy of Game Banana user BlueCube, with the first release of the project available to download and use in-game now.

At the time of writing, three enemy designs have been updated: Soldier, Squid, and Caterpillar. These range from some recolours to a new aesthetic altogether, giving us a very different take on the baddies we fight across the Starfall Islands.

sonic-frontiers-mod-enemies (1)
Credit: BlueCube via Game Banana

These designs are going down well with fans, and honestly, they look pretty stick. It's not clear why they went unused in the final Game, although it's possible that they just didn't suit the vision the devs were aiming for. Admittedly, while the vanilla enemies may be a little duller, they fit into the world seamlessly. Not that this mod is jarring, mind - it's just a lot more eye-catching.

And if this isn't doing it for you, this is far from the only way that fans are putting their own spin on Sonic Frontiers. As we covered a couple of weeks back, another modder has already got a fully playable Amy Rose working in the Game, complete with her own unique character models, animations, and even an updated UI to better suit her overall vibe. This comes after Sega revealed that Tails, Knuckles, and Amy herself will be made playable in a future update, although it's not known when this will drop just yet.

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