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Sonic Frontiers DLC Contains "A Lot More Than Originally Planned", Says Director




Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto is reassuring fans that the new DLC is worth the wait, as it contains "a lot more than originally planned". Kishimoto says that this is why the first major update took a little longer than expected, but will finally be with us tomorrow.

The Sights, Sounds, and Speed DLC will, as the name suggests, add a photo mode, jukebox, and new speed challenges. While it seems like there's something unannounced tucked away in the update, Kishimoto could also be referring to the inclusion of a battle rush challenge mode, since this wasn't explicitly revealed in the roadmap last year.

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"Thank you for waiting. The first update is finally ready," reads a translation of Kishimoto's tweet after the DLC announcement. "I packed a lot more than I originally planned, so it took me a while."

However, Kishimoto isn't spilling the beans on all of the new content just yet. "I can tell you what the first part will be like in two days, so please wait a little longer."

That tweet was made yesterday, suggesting the DLC is indeed going live on March 22, not March 23 as were all told in an email, for some reason. This is also the same date being used on the Sonic Frontiers website, further hinting that the first major expansion will be with us a day earlier than we expected - and hopefully, with more to do than what's being advertised.

What we do know is that, as of tomorrow, we'll be able to run around Starfall Island blasting whatever tracks we like - which obviously means creating ten-hour playlists solely consisting of Vandalize, if you have any taste at all.

Once the Sights, Sounds, and Speed DLC is out of the way, the devs will be moving on to the next phase, update two. Right now, the only features listed are new Koco, open zone challenges, and "Sonic's birthday" - whatever that means. That does however suggest it will be with us by June 23, which would be the day the blue blur turns 16 if he was to age like a normal person. After that, the third and possibly final update will give us more playable characters. All of the DLC will be free.

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