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Sonic Frontiers Director Says The Series Has "Seen The Light"




After years of the series moving one step forward and two steps back, Sonic Frontiers' director Morio Kishimoto says that the blue blur has once again "seen the light". This comes after it's revealed that Frontiers' sales figures exceeded expectations, giving the sequel a larger budget to play around with, hopefully making it bigger and better than anything the series has seen before.

In light of this news, Kishimoto seems incredibly optimistic for the future of Sonic, saying that the series will be "on top" again. This fits in with previous comments he has made about the series, as he views Frontiers as the start of a "third generation" of Sonic Games.


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These comments were made after Kishimoto was asked about the news of Frontiers' financial success, and how Sega is sharing these earnings with staff.

"Together with the fans, we have taken the first step towards the day we will be on top once again," says Kishimoto. "We've seen the light for a AAA-rated Sonic Game!"

Hopefully, this means we won't go back to the days of dropping a stinker like Sonic Forces just as we're enjoying a win like Sonic Mania.

It's safe to say that Kishimoto has no shortage of ideas for future Sonic titles too. Recently, he's spoken about the likelihood of us getting another 2D Sonic Game, in the same vein as Sonic the Hedgehog 4. He has also said that he's "very interested" in incorporating characters from the comic series into the main Game continuity, so that could be another thing we see as we explore the third generation of Sonic.

Even with the success of Frontiers in mind, there's always room for improvement. While sales were incredibly positive, Sega recently admitted that the Metacritic score was "lower than expected". The highest-performing versions, the PC and PS4 releases, brought the Game up to 75 on the site, but it was brought down by a poorly received Xbox port, sitting at 61.

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