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Someone Is Already Playing CS2 Thanks To A Torrent Leak




Counter-Strike 2 was announced earlier this week and fans have been going absolutely bonkers trying to get into its limited access test. The test started the same day as the Game was announced, with invitations sent to Steam players based on several criteria. One of them is how long they've been playing the Game, which has resulted in some players going AFK in matches just to rack up more playtime. CS2 Hype has gotten so hot that there are even fake Valve YouTube accounts taking advantage of eager players offering test access by sending them to phishing sites.

Test invitations to Counter-Strike 2 are always sent through Steam, but if you just can’t wait, there’s another option. As spotted by Twitter user Artie Yamamoto, there’s now a torrent version of CS2 that can be played via emulation. It’s not the full experience, as according to Insider Gaming the torrent is an earlier version of the Game without full multiplayer. It does reportedly have a single-player campaign, however, and you can play local matches via LAN.


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The leaked version of CS2 likely came from someone who received the test invite and then packaged the files for distribution online. Counter-Strike 2 will be a free upgrade when it arrives later this summer, so there’s little incentive for players to try this torrent besides taking a peak at the Game’s technical improvements.

Those technical improvements include reworked netcode, remade iconic maps, and all the bells and whistles that come with the Source 2 engine like lighting and shadow improvements. Fans are particularly impressed by the new smoke grenade which is persistent across Games so everyone sees the same cloud. It can also fill spaces like real smoke and disappears briefly when bullets fly through.

Another new feature in Counter-Strike 2 is new and improved molotov cocktails that were at least partially inspired by a fan mod. They also include Half-Life: Alyx's incredible liquid shader to make the fluid inside slosh around with respect to the player's movements.

Counter-Strike 2 arrives sometime this summer. Players looking for access to the limited test will just have to wait patiently for their invitation to arrive on Steam.

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