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Skyrim Players Share Bug That Lets You Run On Water With A Horse




Getting across water in Skyrim is a bit of a headache. You have to either slowly swim along or parkour across a series of scattered ice islands that have gaps too big to jump over. But what if you could just run across the waves?

That's what u/ARXEUS_ is doing, as shared in a post on the Skyrim subreddit simply titled, "Didja know you can do this?" All you need is a horse (but be careful, some of them are narcs). Once you're swimming with it, dismount, float back up, get on the horse again, and voila, you'll be running as though you never entered the water.

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It looks a little wonky given that it's a bug, but in essence, the space under the horse's hoofs becomes land, meaning that you can sprint along in deep water as though it were shallow. If you're playing on Survival mode or with mods that make cold water a life-threatening hazard, getting across it quickly is vital, and this appears to be the best way to do just that.

The OP did this in Skyrim's Anniversary Edition, but the bug has been around since launch and has been discovered and rediscovered a few times. That being said, with so many players jumping in thanks to the AE, it's news to most - the comments alone are filled with thanks, especially from those who are playing in Survival mode.

Granted, there's always the risk with bugs and water that you kill your trusty steed, and if you don't want that to happen, you can unlock Shadowmere from the Dark Brotherhood questline. They're an immortal horse with glowing red eyes that rises from some strange black tar outside a talking skull-faced door, so a quick run across the sea is nothing in comparison.

Next time you're popping along to Septimus Signus' icey hideout, bring a horse and try this little exploit out. It should be a bit more manageable than swimming.

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