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Skyrim Players Are Just Discovering Horses Can Report Your Crimes




It's not often you expect to discover something new in a decade old Game like Skyrim, as almost every one of its tricks and secrets have been found, shared, and currently sit on a wiki somewhere. That being said, not everyone is going to have the same level of knowledge about Skyrim and its world, which can lead to relevations years after fun little tidbits were first discovered. That's what's happened recently with the Game's horses, as Skyrim players are just now discovering that they can report your crimes to guards.

First shared via The Elder Memes Twitter account (thanks GamesRadar), the user asks their followers how they learnt that horses can rat you out to guards should they witness you commit a crime. It turns out that that their tweet was the realization for a lot of people, whether that be because horse riding in Skyrim is kind of rubbish, or they've just been such a good person that they've never committed a crime in front of one.


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"They can WHAT," shouts Twitter user haverdoodles, sharing the same shock and disbelief that many others in the replies also display. VikingNerrd says that they were "Today years old" when they found out, while AlexanderSmit28 admits they only found out due to the tweet because they're "generally a good boy."

Not only that, but a trip to the Skyrim wiki reveals that pretty much any animal you commit a crime in front of will become a witness, which means you'll need to strike it down if you want to make sure you get away with your misdeed unpunished.

So next time you're out to cause mischief in Skyrim, you might want to check over your shoulder before you pick that lock or steal that apple. There could be a horse or chicken just waiting to rat you out to the nearest guard. Who knew Animals could be such huge narcs?

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