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Skyrim Player Finds Sigurd Mysteriously Dead, Prompts Whudunnit Theories




It's a lovely morning in Whiterun. You wake up invigorated by the spirit of a dragon you killed yesterday, and are ready to test out your new Shout. You stop by the blacksmith to craft 30 Iron Daggers to level up your blacksmithing, and then make your way to meet Jarl Balgruuf. Heimskr incessant praises to Talos don't seem to bother you, and no one talks about taking an arrow to the knee. It's a perfect day. That's when you see it – Sigurd's body laying on top of his wooden logs. A murder has been committed, and it was someone within Whiterun.

This is more or less the same scenario that Redditor JDGumby went through during one of their recent walks around Whiterun (thanks, GameRant). Sigurd was lying dead on his logs, but the player wasn't the one who killed him. The city doesn't have any hostile NPCs, so it's quite the mystery. Here's usually where the cello music would swell and Benoit Blac would enter, but instead, JDGumby decided to ask the Skyrim Subreddit for help.


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Known to be populated with sleuths and world-class detectives, the Subreddit got to work immediately, commenting with various theories about how Sigurd was killed. IMightBeErnest finds it awfully suspicious that Belethor suddenly has a new black soul gem for sale, casting eyes on the shopkeeper. HG_Shurtugal plays it down, citing a heart attack from all that hard work. But they do suggest resurrecting Sigurd to ask him directly.

Someone had to say it, and it was GANJAM3N420 who finally pointed fingers at Nazeem. It was probably him – the motive doesn't matter, just lock him up anyway. J-Cromag went the easy route and decided to blame the dragons, but the lack of fire and more corpses suggest that it probably wasn't Alduin and gang.

The truth is actually a bit more puzzling than any of these theories. PLayers have reported that adding mods to the Game – and even removing them later – causes NPCs to spawn way up in the sky, after which they promptly fall to their death. A number of comments suggested so, and it's what likely happened as well.

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