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Skyrim Mod Finally Gives The Dragonborn A Voice




The Dragonborn is a warrior of a few words. But when they do talk, you'll find yourself being flung through the air. Aside from the Shouts and a few grunts here and there, we never really get to hear the Dragonborn's voice. Perhaps they're worried that they may accidentally conjure up a Shout mid-conversation and summon a long-dead hero to fight by their side – and that's just rude when there's no Draugr around. However, if you really want your Dragonborn to talk like everyone else, well, there's a mod for that.

Called Dragonborn Voice Over, this mod finally lets your Dragonborn clear their throat and have a proper conversation with NPCs. However, it's so much more than that. The mod isn't just a voice-over, but a platform that lets you create a voice pack from almost anyone, using an AI.

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"This mod brings a new level of immersion to your Skyrim Gameplay by allowing the player to hear the dialogue lines being read as they are selected," says creator, Mathiew May. "This mod is a platform that lets anyone create voice packs for the player character to use as they play the Game, currently we have 2 official voice packs that were made using ElevenLabs AI, more voice packs can be found below."

While this mod is impressive in itself, what's more exciting is the possibilities it opens up. At the rate that AI Technology is evolving, and a bit more work to this mod, you may eventually be able to give your Dragonborn your own voice, or even that of a celeb. It would be pretty cool running around Skyrim sounding like Henry Cavill's Geralt; or you could shake down Nazeem while sounding like Tony Soprano, or enter the halls of Sovngarde sounding like god himself, Morgan Freeman.

However, there are many who may not be interested in something like this. Talking to NPCs is a bit time-consuming, especially if all you want to do is explore. Well, there's a mod for that too. The Alternate Skyrim mod removes all the NPCs from the Game, leaving only an empty and eerie Skyrim for you to explore.

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