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Skyrim Mod Adds Walking Cabin With Quests And Weeping Angels




How would you like a Skyrim mod that adds a quest where you go find a hut that walks around the forest, talk to a fully-voiced witch, and then search through a labyrinth where statues of weeping angels will kill you if they manage to get close enough? If that sounds fun, then I've got the mod for you.

Baba Yaga and the Labyrinth adds a whole new "fully voiced quest to discover the mysteries of a walking hut, a soul cairn maze, weeping angels, and a witch." The mod is available over on Nexus Mods courtesy of creators wSkeever and Kreiste.

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As you might’ve guessed from the name, the walking hut seems to have been heavily inspired by the legend of Baba Yaga from Slavic folklore about a witch living in a hut that walks around on giant chicken legs. In the legends, Baba Yaga is a terrifying figure but is often as much help as she is hurtful. She's depicted as a Mysterious shadowy figure that flies around on a giant mortar and pestle, or sometimes she's a just creepy lady made out of wood. But in general, Baba Yaga is a witch, and an extremely powerful one, too.

In the mod, Baba Yaga is actually a young witch named Hagnes. She'll have 29 lines of dialog all delivered by, an AI voice generator that seems to do a pretty good job. After heading to the Bee and Barb Inn, talk to the innkeeper to obtain a quest to go find Hagnes in her walking hut. Her hut seems to be powered by giant human legs rather than chicken legs, but it's definitely walking around, which is something you don't normally see in Skyrim.

I don't want to go too far into spoiler territory, but after talking to Hagnes, you'll eventually create a portal to a Mysterious maze where a statue of a weeping angel will get closer and closer every time you turn away from it. What happens when it reaches you is probably bad, but you'll have to play the mod to find out.

You'll need another of wSkeever and Kreiste's mods to get the Baba Yaga and the Labyrinth working, and that's the Wild Witch Outfit version 0.2 or higher. Hagnes wears this outfit, and you might be able to pick one up yourself alongside a magic staff if you play your cards right. Just head on over to Nexus Mods to download these two mods.

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