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Skyrim Mod Adds Viral TikTok Meme Maxwell The Cat




If you've been on TikTok at all in the last couple of weeks, you'll have seen a giant black cat bobbing back and forth to a little techno jingle, usually on a building, in the sky, or next to another cat. Look, I don't get it either, but it's the internet - weird works. And of course, Skyrim modders have brought Maxwell to Tamriel.

"You can find [Maxwell] in the Whiterun stables", the mod page says. "He's a misc item so doesn't have an AI. I was requested to release this".

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Misc item. The cat is a misc item. It doesn't move, it doesn't blink, it doesn't do anything but sit there. Given that it's a misc item, I'd hazard a guess that you can pick it up like any other object - if you download it, why not try to carry it to High Hrogthar so you can show it to the Greybeards? That'd be a fun challenge.

Maxwell the cat mod from skyrim

Reddit user KaiyaSky shared the Maxwell mod onto the Skyrim subreddit, but they had a request for any modders lurking: "He's currently a static item </3 but I'd love to see him come alive with a follower mod if anyone's up to the challenge (and gets the creator's permission :)".

Some had suggestions for how this would work, adding that instead of saying "follow me", you'd have the option of "ps ps ps", like a real cat. But Maxwell's signature is that he doesn't move - he is static, just bobbing back and forth to his jingle. So any follower, to keep the Maxwell spirit, would have to be completely still, just bobbing and awkwardly gliding. Okay, maybe a follower would be fun.

Not everyone wants to use him as a follower, though. Some want to... clip through walls with him, because he's an object. This is a sentence I never thought I'd write, "I want to clip through a wall with Maxwell the Cat". You do you, u/blaisems.

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