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Skull And Bones Releases Tie-In Comic, Still No Sign Of The Game




Skull And Bones has been delayed six times and right now, Ubisoft's ambitious pirate Game has no firm release date. There's a silver lining for anyone waiting for something, anything linked to the Game to be made available, though. Skull And Bones has its very own spinoff comic, and it's available right now.

I'm actually not sure if spinoff is the right term to use here since no Game has been launched for the comic to have been spun from. Nevertheless, as reported by IGN, Skull And Bones: Savage Storm is a comic created by Dark Horse Comics set in the same universe as the Game will be when it eventually does arrive.

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Co-written by John Jackson Miller and James Mishler, Savage Storm will follow a group of pirates and the crew of a ship they try to make their own as the vessel is hit by a storm. That storm leads to both groups being stranded together on a desert island. Exactly how connected to the Game and its characters the comic will be remains unclear, but its synopsis does confirm the tale takes place in the same world as Skull And Bones.

ship sailing through a storm in skull and bones savage storm
via Dark Horse Comics

That might well mean you run into a few of the characters from Savage Storm whenever you get the chance to finally play Skull And Bones. If you are still excited about becoming a Ubisoft pirate and sailing across the Indian Ocean, a digital version of the first edition of the comic is available right now on Amazon. Dark Horse will also be creating an art book for Skull And Bones that will presumably launch when the Game eventually does. Ubisoft certainly won't want anyone seeing it too early and finding itself in a Tears of the Kingdom situation.

Skull And Bones was announced in 2013 and given a 2018 release date. The Game was rebooted in 2020 and following more delays, Ubisoft has now given the Game a vague early FY2023 launch window. That means it won't be here until April 1 at the very earliest, but with a busier April and May than usual for video Games, it seems likely Skull And Bones won't be here until the summer at the very earliest.

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