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Shroud Is Making An Open-World Survival Game




Twitch streamer, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is working on an open-world survival Game in collaboration with fellow streamer Sacriel and Splash Damage, best known for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The project's working title is Project Astrid and is being helmed by Splash Damage’s Lance Winter.

Splash Damage CEO, Richard Jolly, expressed his excitement for the project, revealing that it will be an original IP and something “that's truly different from anything we've done before." Some of Splash Damage’s most popular titles include Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Brink, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. With its experience in FPS titles clubbed with Shroud’s professional experience in the genre, it seems like a good match.


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Shroud mentioned how one of his goals was to “make the best Game ever”, which is a vision Splash Damage shared. “Chris and I have refined a vision for what's next in the survival genre and with Splash Damage we're setting out to build it. We want to build the best survival Game ever, and with Sacriel's brain and Splash Damage's team, I know we can do it”, he added.

Sacriel, a Twitch veteran, was the one who got Shroud on board, apparently doing so with a text message. Both streamers are working as executive creators on the Game. “This is a dream come true. Mike and I have been envisioning a world where we help build the Game that streamers and Gamers love playing”, Sacriel added. Lance Winter said that the two streamers are important members of the core development team, but since neither of them are developers, the nature of their involvement in the project is unknown.

While we don’t know anything about the title, its “open-world survival” setting could have endless possibilities. Although, we can definitely expect FPS elements considering both Shroud and Splash Damage's experience in the genre. The announcement video also revealed how he has already started working with the studio on the gunplay in the Game and is excited to bring some of his ideas to life.

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