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Shazam 2 Star Begs For The Last Of Us Part After Box Office Flop




Shazam! Fury of the Gods released last week and it was a flop, all while earning poor scores from critics and audiences alike. So, lead star Zachary Levi has taken to Twitter to beg for a role in The Last of Us' second season.

"I absolutely LOVE 'The Last of Us'!", Levi posted in a now deleted tweet (thanks, Kotaku). "I've loved it since I played the first Game. Then the sequel was, dare I say, even better! I would be so stoked to be in the series! What say you, @Neil_Druckmann??"

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Druckmann didn't interact with the tweet before Levi deleted it, not leaving a like, comment, or retweet, so it's unclear if he saw it. But maybe someone did - who knows, maybe Levi could end up playing a clicker.

It's not the only show Levi is interested in joining. Yesterday, he also replied to a tweet asking, "Long shot of you reading this. Do you like Star Trek at all?" Levi answered, "Lovvve me some Trek. always wanted to be a part of that universe too!"

Not long after, he jumped to another 'Star' property with Star Wars, after another fan tweeted, "Can you convince Lucasfilm that Dash Rendar is actually cool and you should play him?" Levi replied, "My hand to Obi-Wan, I've always wanted to play this role since I played 'Shadows of the Empire' on N64!"

Since Shazam's future in the DCU is unclear, what with James Gunn's reboot plans, director David F. Sandberg's announcement that he's returning to horror (and that he's done with superheroes), and the critical reception as well as box office performance, it's likely that Levi won't be playing the kid-turned-hero much longer.

Especially given that Black Adam (Shazam's signature villain) is embroiled in countless controversies of its own. So, it makes sense that Levi is looking at what's next, and if his luck pans out, maybe he'll play a bloodthirsty killer in The Last of Us who doesn't believe in vaccines, or an angry villain in Star Trek who doesn't believe in medical Science. He'd be perfect for the role.

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