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Shakira Stuns Fans With New Bikini PH๏τo




Shakira has demonstrated, once again, that her hips don’t lie.

In a pH๏τo posted on Labor Day, the Colombian singer not only flaunted her curves in a new lavender ʙικιɴι with fringe details but also her fashion designer skills.

“This is a new bathing suit I designed and my friend Bego made for me,” she expressed on Instagram. “I always need to create my own for the summer!”

The Instagram post became a viral hit, garnering three million likes in only three hours, as noted by Twitter account @ShakiraStuff. Currently, the pH๏τo has nearly five million likes.

The Shakira fandom did not hesitate to react on social media with most of them calling her the “Sєxiest woman in the world” and others asking for her secret to keeping radiant