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Shakira’s Trainer Reveals What She’s Eating to Stay ‘Focused’ and ‘Keep Her Energy’ for Super Bowl LIV




Disciplined! Shakira‘s personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, divulged exclusively to Life & Style what foods the songstress is eating to prepare for her performance at Super Bowl LIV along with Jennifer Lopez on February 2. The founder of AKT fitness studio confessed that the Latin songstress is “great” when it comes to keeping her diet clean, and it’s all about her stamina being up for the big Game. Considering she’ll be singing with the “On the Floor” artist, you know it’s going to be a high-energy performance.

So, what is the 42-year-old eating throughout the day? “Little to no sugar if possible. Really focusing on vegetables and healthy proteins [and] healthy fat sources,” Anna explained while promoting the Lilly Thriver Movement 30-Day Challenge, which launched on January 15, and helps raise awareness and funding for the metastatic breast cancer community through 30 days of mindfulness activities and life hacks.

Instead of eating strictly breakfast, lunch and dinner, Shakira chows down more frequently throughout the day. “We come up with smaller meals every two to three hours so that she can maintain her energy throughout the day,” Anna continued. “I mean one day she was shooting a music video for 24 hours — from six to six, literally. So it’s important to help keep her focused and keep her energy up.” Overall, the “Beautiful Liar” singer’s healthy eating regime is to help her feel like her “strongest self.”

Shakira will be taking over the stage with Jennifer, but Anna divulged that viewers can expect two special and unique performances. The ladies are “both developing their shows and then they get together when they need to, but they have their own separate teams,” the fitness guru teased.