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Shakira’s hair transformation over the years




Seeing Shakira evolve as an artist, a person, and a mother throughout the years has been a delight. She strikes us as the kind of person who always strives to better herself and the world around her. That’s great, but can we be shallow for a minute and talk about her hair? She has this gorgeous head of hair that seems to look good no matter what she does or how she wears it, and we have pH๏τographic proof! Take a moment to look through the pH๏τos we’ve compiled of Shakira’s fabulous mane over the years.

We know that when you picture Shakira in your mind, you probably picture her with thick, gorgeous long hair because that’s sort of her staple, but what color do you picture it? And do you picture it straight or curly? Do you remember when she had dreads?

You’ll be surprised at just how many different colors and styles the Colombian songstress has tried. What isn’t surprising is that she looks drop-ᴅᴇᴀᴅ gorgeous no matter what she does to her hair. Go on, start looking!

In 1997, the Colombian star looked so different than she does today.
She had her natural or natural-looking hair color back then, which looked beautiful. Shakira was also celebrating the success of her track, “Estoy Aquí.”

In 1999, Shakira went red!
She looks like a total roquera with this crimson hair! Definitely a fun and playful look on her.

When Shakira decided to rock a bob, she killed it.
The Colombian star really looked amazing with this short hairstyle in 2011. That bob is straight up fire on her.

She steps out looking like a caramel snack.
Oh, you know she just woke up like this. No, really, she did! When she posted this picture in November 2018, she wrote, “A frog woke me up singing at 7:30 am, good thing I have coffee!?” More like good thing she has coffee and caramel-colored locks that make her look like she got all the sleep she needed.