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Shakira builds a wall to separate her house from Pique’s parents, who are next-door neighbors




When Shakira and Gerard Pique split up, the Colombian singer continued to live in their former home and it was the footballer who moved out.

This living arrangement brought with it some problems, though, since the property was next door to that of Pique’s parents

Shakira had planned to move to Miami, but is still in Barcelona for now and was living next door to her ex’s parents when she launched her new hit, the ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ in which she criticised Pique throughout the song.

In the days following the track’s release, several conflicts between Shakira and her former in-laws, especially Pique’s mother Montserrat Bernabeu, have been brought up.

Shakira builds a wall to block off Pique’s parents
Now, it seems that the music artist is constructing a wall to properly separate the two properties, as the two houses, despite being independent, are connected in some areas.

TV cameras spotted a cement mixer working in the vicinity of her home, as Shakira is putting up a wall to make the two properties more independent.

Shakira’s battles with her in-laws
This follows several other conflicts that have taken place over the past week. One of them involved a black witch mannequin that was placed on the terrace of her home, looking directly at her former in-laws, with Pique’s mother reportedly asking for it to be removed.

There is also the fact that Shakira’s new song has been playing loudly inside her property, so loud that it can be heard next door.

“I think it is so that the in-laws can hear it”, the ‘Fiesta’ show on the Telecinco said, and that could be the case, since the houses are very close and with the windows open it would be heard without any problems.

hen, a video from 2012 has become viral again, in which Shakira criticises the style advice of Montserrat Bernabeu, Pique’s mother, after she suggested Shakira should cut her hair short.