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Sega Has Seemingly Confirmed The Colour Of Sonic's Hands




The latest episode of TailsTube has seemingly confirmed that Sonic's hands match whatever colour his arms are, meaning that the current version of Sonic has tan hands.

For as long as Sonic the Hedgehog has been around, we've seen him sporting his iconic white gloves and red shoes. Now, 36 years later, we very rarely see the Blue Blur without his signature (and only) pieces of clothing. Fans have wondered what colour Sonic's hands and feet are for decades now, and the latest episode of TailsTube might just have given us the answer. You can stop Googling "Sonic's feet" now, you lot.

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As pointed out by Twitter user DTBROS_YT, alongside seemingly confirming that all of our terrible original characters are actually canon, the latest episode of TailsTube has also given us some insight into what colour Sonic's hands are. Near the end of the episode, Tails talks about the multiverse and how anything is possible, flashing up an image of three particularly garish versions of Sonic.

The blue one in the middle that's covered in Sports tape is clearly meant to be a nod to the Sonic Boom version of the character, but it also clues us into something else - the colour of Sonic's hands. Similarly to his shoes, we very rarely see Sonic without his iconic white gloves, which means it's never been clear what colour they are. With this version of Sonic, TailsTube seems to have given us the answer - they match his arms.

The blue Sonic shown on screen has blue arms, which means that his hands are blue too. It stands to reason, then, that the current modern version of Sonic, who controversially has tan arms, would have tan hands as well. Conversely, versions of the character that have blue arms, like the Boom and movie iterations, would likely have blue hands underneath the gloves.

It's possible that this small reference in TailsTube isn't canon and modern Sonic in fact has blue hands, but until Sega decides to finally lift the boots and gloves off, we're going to take it as canon that the colour of Sonic's arms matches his hands.

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