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Saints Row Roadmap Revealed, Players Shocked It's Still Alive




One of the most disappointing triple-A titles of 2022, Saints Row, has suddenly emerged with a DLC roadmap. Starting this May, players will receive several major updates, including free map extensions.

Saints Row launched last August, and the team has been busy addressing the Game's technical state and fixing what didn't work as intended ever since. This is probably the reason why its first expansion has been pushed all the way until May - almost nine months after release. Volition revealed the studio decided to focus on hotfixes and quality-of-life improvements ahead of new content, but it will now be releasing at least three major updates in May, July, and August.

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If you own the Game's Expansion Pass, you'll be getting all new content as soon as it's launched. Those include brand-new mission campaigns, like The Heist and The Hazardous story, or Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus Game mode. Apart from that, all Saints Row players will receive free extensions of the Santo Ileso map with additional districts, featuring extra Gameplay activities, alongside new weapons, vehicles, and cosmetics.

The devs stressed that players don't realize "just how much work [they've] put into the main Game" since its troubled launch. They also say that the team is still hard at work "refining the Saints Row experience" and bringing community-requested features like photo mode, retooled combat, and a whole new emotes system.

Despite all these efforts, this late-arriving roadmap has failed to impress the majority of fans so far. As some of the most-liked comments below the post read: "nobody cares," "it's a little late for that," "please refund me I was a fool," and "let it die please."

Saints Row turned out to be a major flop for Embracer Group, resulting in the publisher's statement that every future title will have to "earn its right to exist" moving forward. For better or worse, the latest Saints Row instalment won't be abandoned as one might expect, although it's unlikely the series has a bright future ahead of it.

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