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Sailor spoke about “UFO swarm” chasing the American destroyer




An American sailor, speaking on condition of anonymity, spoke to ufologist journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp and told them about a “swarm of UFOs” moving in a strange way.

The recently launched video podcast “Armed” by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp has already made a lot of noise in the ufology community due to the unique materials presented on it about the UFOs that continue to stalk the US Military.

Corbell managed to capture a frame from a video in which a strange metal ball flies over the Iraqi city of Mosul alongside an American spy plane. The video itself, shot in 2016, was classified by the Pentagon.

Also on the podcast was an audio recording from an anonymous US sailor who observed numerous UFOs aboard the USS Paul Hamilton in 2019.

According to the sailor, a typical reconnaissance drone usually flies over the ship and then returns to its base. But these objects behaved differently, “in a different direction,” and moved in a way that “no man-made apparatus can move.”

This new image, also posted on the Corbell and Knapp video podcast, shows UFOs seen from a USS.

“These are UFOs, but we call them UAS, Unmanned Aerial Systems (non-human flight systems), because they are not big enough to fit a human,” the sailor said.

The witness also stated that the objects he observed were flying over his boat when it was quite far from the coast. According to him, for any known drone, it is too far away.

According to George Knapp on the same podcast, these strange objects move in a way that “shows they can manipulate space-time and create their own gravity.”