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Riddler Mark Spotted In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Gameplay




What appears to be an objective or trophy related to the Riddler has been spotted in the latest Gameplay footage for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

After years of delays and anticipation from fans of the Batman Arkham Games, Rocksteady finally showed off in-Game footage from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League as part of Sony's first State of Play of 2023. Sadly, the footage hasn't been received very well, with many Arkham fans pointing out that it's closer to a live-service looter-shooter than the next step in the Arkhamverse.

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Although the Gameplay footage didn't quite live up to expectations, that hasn't stopped Arkham fans from pouring over the trailer to try and spot as many details as possible and get a greater idea of what Kill the Justice League is all about. One of the most interesting discoveries is sure to send chills down the spin of anyone who has tried to 100 percent complete the other Arkham Games - it looks like the Riddler is back.

As pointed out by Twitter user NicholasJLevi, during one section of the Gameplay trailer, a green circle can be seen on the ground with the Riddler's question mark in the middle of it. It's also giving off a faint green glow, which makes it look like an objective marker of sorts. Although it doesn't strictly look like a Riddler trophy from the Arkham Games, it's clear that it's to do with the character and seems to indicate that he's returning in some form.

Interestingly, the Riddler wasn't mentioned at all in the Gameplay footage, even when Rocksteady detailed other characters who help the Squad like the Penguin. It seems that it's still keeping the character and his involvement under wraps for now, even though it's pretty clear from the question mark that we're going to either be solving puzzles from him or he'll have his own dedicated collectible of some kind.

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