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Resident Evil Fans Vote Leon Kennedy As The Series' Best Character




According to a recent poll in Famitsu, Resident Evil fans have voted Leon Kennedy as their favourite character in the series, with Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield coming in second and third place.

We're just a few days away from the long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 4 and, to celebrate that fact, Famitsu recently held a poll that asked fans of the series several questions, including which entry they started with, what Game they think is the scariest (Resident Evil 7, duh), and, most interestingly of all, who their favourite character is.

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The results of that fan vote, which were shared online by Twitter user bioranger_PT, aren't all that surprising. According to the poll, Leon Kennedy is the most popular character in the Resident Evil series, closely followed up by Jill Valentine in second place and Chris Redfield in third. That's not too surprising considering how iconic the three are, but the results get more interesting the further down you go.


In fourth place is Ada Wong, yet another unsurprising result, while Claire Redfield finally gets her due in a surprisingly-low fifth place result. In sixth place is Albert Wesker, while the faceless Ethan Winters manages to squeeze into seventh. Rounding out the list, we have Rebecca Chamberlain in eighth place, Piers Nivans in ninth, and Hunk coming in tenth.

Considering how popular Resident Evil 4 is, it's no surprise at all that Leon Kennedy has managed to get in first place, but there are some surprises on the list. For starters, Claire Redfield only getting fifth place, despite being in one of the series' most popular Games, is a bit of a shock. So too is the fact that Piers Nivans, from the ever-hated Resident Evil 6, has managed to get on the list whatsoever. I guess Resi 6 has its fans after all.

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