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Resident Evil Fans Discuss The Scariest Enemies In The Series




When it comes to horror franchises, there aren't many out there with a higher number of iconic monstrosities than the Resident Evil series. It's been around for over two and a half decades, so it's had plenty of time to terrorize players with all kinds of creatures, many of which have implanted themselves deep within the memories of the faNBAse. That same faNBAse is now diving back through the series to discuss some of scariest monstrosities that Capcom has ever thrown at them.

The conversation kicked off on the Resident Evil subreddit, in which u/MEI_K8 shares a selection of images depicting some of the biggest nasties across the series and ask users which is the scariest. One of the most popular choices is the Regenerador from Resident Evil 4, a beastie that we'll all have to come up against once again when the remake releases in April. Not only do they keep coming if you blow limbs off, but that freezer section in the original Resident Evil 4 is probably enough to remind fans just how terrifying they are.

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Another user called u/endGame-colossus can't quite make up their mind and goes for "crimson boys and the spiky boys," in reference to the Crimson Heads and Iron Maidens - as if Regeneradors couldn't get any scarier. They also give a special shoutout to the giant fetus baby from Resident Evil Village, something that made even the toughest Gamers squeal in terror back when the Game first launched.

As for the Crimson Heads, they actually appear quite a few times in the thread, with many Resi fans detailing their first experience with them in the original Game. A lot of people are frightened of their speed compared to anything else you've encountered at that point, though u/PK_Thundah think they're at their scariest when they're still on the ground. Not knowing whether a corpse you've been walking past safely is going to stay down or spring up into a Crimson Head is the real fear. Give me a Regenerador any day of the week.

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