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Resident Evil Death Island Explains Why Jill Valentine Doesn't Look Older




According to a tweet from the official Resident Evil Twitter account, Jill Valentine hasn't aged since Resident Evil 3

Last night, sandwiched in between a demo release for the Resident Evil 4 remake and a release date announcement for Exoprimal, was a trailer for Resident Evil Death Island, a new film that takes place after the events of Resident Evil 5 that gives us our first proper adventure with Jill Valentine in quite some time.

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Strangely, despite how much time has passed in-universe, Jill looks exactly as she did in Resident Evil 3. It's not explained in the trailer, but a bio shared by the official Resident Evil Twitter account reveals why she looks so young still, having clearly not aged past how she looked in Resident Evil 5.


The bio reads, "Fought against bio-terrorist attacks in S.T.A.R.S. alongside Chris. Her T-Virus infection has slowed her aging but left some psychological scars. She rejoins her team after rehabilitation."

For those unaware (or perhaps trying to block Resident Evil 5 out of their memory), Jill was infected with the T-Virus before the events of Chris' mission in Africa, which was one of the main plot points of that Game as Chris discovered that Jill was one of the main threats he was fighting against.

After she was infected, Jill was briefly working alongside Albert Wesker and had some supernatural abilities of her own, along with a new blonde look. Thankfully, Death Island confirms that she's back to her normal self after some rehabilitation, although it's noted in her bio that she's got some "psychological scars". As to be expected, in fairness.

It's not clear from the trailer if Jill has any special abilities from the T-Virus beyond her natural aging being slowed down, but it seems likely that we'll see how that plays out in Death Island. Let's just hope that she doesn't go back to the blonde look any time soon.

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