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Resident Evil 5 Finally Adds Split-Screen Co-Op For PC




After 14 years, Resident Evil 5 has received a Steam patch removing Games for Windows Live while also implementing split-screen co-op, finally letting you play it locally with your friends and family.

As reported by EuroGamer, this out-of-left-field update has both bewildered and excited fans, with many jumping to the update's discussion thread to comment. One user said, "Yo, who is the rogue Capcom employee that cared enough to fix this port 14 years later?" Another said, "Holy crap, they updated this old Game? Good on them".

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The update notes are simple enough, "Removed Games for Windows Live support. Will support local split screen co-op. Some other minor bug fixes." It's unclear why this has been done after so long, but it's a welcome fix, as GFWL has long been discontinued and, when enabled, can lock you out of entire parts of Games.

A screenshot from Resident Evil 5 showing off the green tint to it.

Scouring through the comments, a few believe this is a sign that a remake is underway. Resident Evil 2 and 3 got their own, while the Resident Evil 4 remake is launching next month. What's next isn't known - some speculate Code Veronica (though this has been denied), others believe it'll be the first Game, while some think Capcom will pivot to Dino Crisis for a while. If none of that happens, there's always the possibility it keeps chugging forward with 5 and 6, though there's no real evidence to support that.

Resident Evil 5 remake dreams might be just that right now, dreams, but at the least, the original doesn't require modding to get rid of GFWL now, so it should be easier to enjoy it with your friends whether you're playing locally or online, the former now finally an option.

Steam's 2023 Spring Sale doesn't start until March 16, in just over two weeks, so if you want to pick up Resident Evil 5 and finally try it out after over a decade, you're probably best waiting to see if it gets a discount. Right now, it's £13.99, or you can pick it up with 4 and 6 for £42.11.

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