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Resident Evil 4 Remake VR Will Be Free DLC On PlayStation 5




Capcom is really spoiling Resident Evil fans to kick off 2023. Not only via the launch of Resident Evil 4 Remake next month, but also by giving away the VR version of Village to those who already own it on PS5 for no additional charge. Now the studio has revealed it will eventually be doing the same with Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The iconic horror series' creators hit fans with a double dose of good news on Wednesday morning. First, the reveal that RE4 Remake will be getting a VR version in the first place. Something that hadn't been officially confirmed before, but was assumed to be on the table by some. The wait for it might be a long one, though.

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The tweet confirming RE4 Remake will be getting the VR treatment states work on the alternate version of the Game has only just started development, so no chance it'll be available when the regular version of the remake launches on March 24. Shortly after confirming the project is in the works, Capcom followed up with a second tweet revealing, just like Village, RE4 Remake's VR version will be distributed as free DLC for anyone who owns the base Game on PS5 and has a PS VR2 to play it on.

Revealing that news today of all days is no accident. Today is launch day for the PS VR2 as PlayStation's next-gen headset arrives with a pretty impressive library of Games, including Village. Horizon: Call of the Mountain appears to be the system's flagship Game for the time being, a title TheGamer had the chance to review, awarding it three and a half stars.

Since next month's Resident Evil 4 will be a remake and not a remaster, fans who played and loved the original Game will likely find it to be an entirely new, yet still familiar, experience. The Merchant and Safe Room music from the original Game, for example, remains. As for changes, Ashley will finally be able to climb down ladders. The things you can do in Games in 2023. Incredible.

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