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Resident Evil 4 Remake Thankfully Keeps Leon's Bingo Line




The Resident Evil 4 remake Chainsaw Demo confirms that, despite other cheesy lines apparently being removed from the full Game, Leon still has his iconic bingo line in the Game's opening village section.

Yesterday, as part of its first Capcom Showcase of 2023, a special demo was released for the Resident Evil 4 remake that lets players go through the Game's iconic village section. Beyond giving players a taste of what the reimagined Resident Evil 4 is going to play like (excellently, as it turns out), it also confirms that the Game will retain some of its infamous cheese.

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Seeing as how the demo takes players through the Game's opening half-an-hour, that means that we finally get confirmation that Leon still asks if everyone is going to bingo after surviving the village attack. As showcased in the clip below from Twitter user ItsJontis, the exchange is virtually unchanged, save for Leon sounding a little less like he's trying to be Dante this time around.


Resident Evil fans have reacted in earnest to Leon still acting like an idiot after nearly being killed, with several memes comparing it to the "Say the line, Bart" episode of The Simpsons. One cheesy joke might not seem like a big deal, but it's a good sign that Resident Evil 4 hasn't lost all of its humour in the remake. Fans were a little upset to find out earlier this month that another of Leon's cringe jokes has been cut from the remake - the "no thanks, bro" he chucks out upon meeting Salazar for the first time.

It remains to be seen if some of Resident Evil 4's other comedic moments will make it into the Game, like Leon saying "way" to Ashley's "no way" or his much more problematic exclamation of "women" in response to Ada ditching him yet again. Come to think of it, most of these cringe lines are really just coming from Leon, huh?

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