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Resident Evil 4 Remake's PS4 Port Criticized For Poor Visuals And Framerate




Resident Evil 4 Remake's launch is going spectacularly, with the Game being well received by fans and critics alike. However, that can't be said for the release on all platforms, as last-gen players are running into unique issues on PS4.

From severely downgraded visuals, pop-in, and framerate drops, players on both base PS4 and PS4 Pro are struggling to immerse themselves in the reimagining of Resident Evil 4. It's leading many to leave negative reviews on the Game's Metacritic page, with the PS4 release's score often falling far below other platforms.

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"On the PS4, the framerate dips a lot," says Reddit user Sadistic_Loser. "Enemies look like they are recorded using stop-motion animation. The wall textures of some buildings are so low rez it's very noticeable when playing."

Others report similar issues on last-gen. "Sniper rifle scope is basically unusable on base PS4," says Andrei_LE. "The framerate tanks into seemingly single digits on my console."

We can see these complaints in action in Digital Foundry's test of the Game, finding that PS4 is by far the worst of the bunch. Resolution mode, available exclusively on PS4 Pro, is the worst of all, causing severe issues with framerate and character animations. But if you can put up with poorer graphics and awkward enemy movements, you should otherwise be alright.

Of course, given the scale of the remake, it's unsurprising to see a last-gen platform unable to keep up with much newer hardware. It's not clear why Capcom decided to release the Game on PS4 in the first place, since it had already decided to give all Xbox One models a miss.

Given that the Game has only just launched, Capcom is yet to respond to complaints of poor performance on the older platforms. It's not known if the devs will roll out a patch to at least make the experience a little smoother, although it's very unlikely that we'll see much of an improvement in the graphical department. That's one of the sacrifices players will have to make in exchange for playing on PS4.

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