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Resident Evil 4 Remake's New Enemy Might Be Based On 1.5 Man Spiders




Resident Evil 4 Remake got a brand-new trailer at last night's State of Play, and it revealed a new enemy called the Plagas Type C. We see them right at the start when a giant bug-like creature latches onto the back of a priest and pupPeteers them to attack Leon. And as fans have pointed out, this might be based on a scrapped Resident Evil 1.5 enemy.

First of all, some context. Resident Evil 1.5 was the internal name for a Resident Evil 2 prototype that was ditched in 1997. It would've seen Leon Kennedy defending the police station amidst the outbreak as the infected breached the roof, leading to his escape in the sewers with Ada and Marvin. Rather than featuring Claire Redfield as the second playable character, 1.5 saw us taking the role of Elza Walker, a college student returning to Raccoon City. She helps Sherry escape, however - there are a few similarities.


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In 1.5, there was an enemy called the Man Spider that would latch onto people's backs and pupPeteer them, just like the new Plagas Type C we saw in the trailer. You can see concept art for the Man Spider below (not to be confused with Danny Devito's excellent Halloween costume).

In 1.5, we would've found the Man Spider in NEST, and as seen in one of the original trailers, one would've fought against William Birkin. It did get passed the concept phase, with a complete model and set of animations, but it was scrapped entirely. In its place, Resident Evil 2 used the now-iconic Lickers.

Elza aiming her gun at Man Spiders in an underground laboratory corridor

Given that Resident Evil 4 Remake looks to be pulling from the original RE4 beta, it's possible that it's doing the same with other abandoned Games and concepts, such as 1.5. However, it could be nothing more than a coincidence - whatever the case, the new enemy is terrifying.

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