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Resident Evil 4 Remake's File Size Is Double Village's




The launch of Resident Evil 4's Remake is almost upon us. Just two and a half weeks to go until what looks to be a pretty fantastic reimagining of what many believe to be the best Game in the series is here, and it might be time to start making room for it on your consoles. Apparently, the remake will occupy almost twice as much room as Resident Evil Village and is more than three times the size of Resident Evil 7.

That's if the remake's listing on the Xbox store right now is anything to go by, and it's probably as good a barometer as any. Listed at 67.18GB, Resident Evil 4 has a pretty hefty file size. No, it won't need as much space as Games like Call of Duty and GTA, but for a Resident Evil Game, that's probably more room than most of you were expecting to need.

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Especially when you compare Resident Evil 4's potential file size to other recent Games in the series. Village was a brand new installment that launched less than two years ago that only needs 35GB of space. Resident Evil 7 is another significant step down at just 20GB, and the remakes of Resident Evils 2 and 3 clock in at 21GB and 35GB respectively.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Leon and Ashley

Yes, news that Resident Evil 4 is going to be pretty big on Xbox will likely be an annoyance for some of you, especially if you plan on playing via a Series S. A fantastic cheaper option allowing many to experience new-gen video games, but its limited storage space means owners need to be selective with what they keep on its SSD. On the bright side, a bulky file size serves as further evidence this remake is going to be pretty great.

File size doesn't equal a good Game, of course, but one of the selling points of Resident Evil 4 will be how much better it looks than the original. Trailers, Gameplay, and now its size continue to confirm it's going to look pretty great. What won't be occupying any of that 67.18GB of space is Leon's “no thanks, bro” line which was confirmed to have been cut from the remake.

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