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Resident Evil 4 Remake Player Discovers You Can Beat Salazar With A Golden Egg




Resident Evil 4 Remake is chock full of fun little tricks and skips that weren't included in the original Game that let you speed up your runs. For example, someone recently discovered that you can shoot the church bell during the village fight to skip the section entirely without having to fight Dr. Salvador. Now, another little trick has been found that will get you past one of the more difficult boss fights in no time at all, and all you need is a Golden Egg.

Of course, Golden Eggs are nothing new to the series, having been including in the original Resident Evil 4, but their primary use back then was as a healing item or as something to sell for some quick cash. However, you may want to keep hold of them in Resident Evil 4 Remake for one particualr boss fight, as a player has discovered that you can kill Salazar with just a couple of well-timed egg throws.


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You can see method pulled off down below by Twitter user Larxa, the first discover Salazar's extreme weakness to eggs. You can see them initiate the boss fight with Salazar and immediately throw a Golden Egg at him to get him down. They then throw a second Golden Egg while he's still on the ground to finish him off, as he likely dies from embarassment now that he's covered in yolk. Larxa explains that the egg does around 70% damage, so you actually only really need one if you soften him up a bit before throwing it.

A couple of people have also pointed that the method of obtaining one of the Game's Golden Egg hints at Salazar's weakness to them, as he has has one locked up inside a complicated device in Salazar Castle's throne room. It suggests that he doesn't want an egg that powerful in the hands of the player, and the name of the side quest to get the egg being called "The Disgrace of the Salazar Family" begins to make a lot more sense.

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