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Resident Evil 4 Remake Mod Silences Ashley's Heavy Breathing




Resident Evil 4 Remake has been a hit, but that doesn't mean everyone who has played it, whether for the first time or returning years after playing the original, thinks it's flawless. Modders have been working on the remake since the demo launched, and the latest way the Game has been altered through mods is by muting Ashley's breathing.

The mod is literally called Mute Ashley's Breathing and is available now through Nexus Mods thanks to NSA Cloud. Don't worry, the name of the mod makes it sound darker than it actually is. You're supposed to be protecting Ashley after all, so stopping her breathing entirely would be pretty counterproductive. The mod simply silences her breathing after Ashley has been running which you'll know if you've played Remake can get pretty loud.

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The entire Resident Evil series is built on periods of silence punctuated with terrifying jump scares. Having a character constantly breaking that silence with their breathing may well take you out of those moments somewhat if you've noticed it. Apologies to anyone who hadn't noticed it until now as if you're anything like me, it'll now be all you can hear when you next play the Game.

close-up of Ashley Graham in Resident Evil 4 Remake

If this article does have that effect on you, at least you'll be able to download this mod. Well, as long as you're playing on PC. It's far from the only mod you can apply to the remake either. You can add Shrek to the Game, take Leon's willy out, or just swap his gun for a banana. There's even a mod to make Ashley's ears bigger, but even then she doesn't seem to notice how loud she's breathing.

While you will just have to tune out Ashley's breathing if you're playing on console, there's still plenty of fun to be had in the remade Resident Evil 4. The Game has naturally drawn in a lot of new fans, some of which have been tricked by hardened players into shooting the lake. It has also been discovered that you can bring the village section of the Game to a premature end by just shooting the bell.

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