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Resident Evil 4 Remake Lets You Skip The Village Fight Entirely




Resident Evil 4 fans have already figured out a way to skip the village fight sequence in Chapter 1 and, surprisingly, it's something that Capcom intended for you to do.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is finally upon us and, judging from both the critical and fan reception, it seems like everyone is having a blast with it. One thing that's quickly become clear to players is that the remake is absolutely stuffed with references, fan service, and things to find ranging from returning easter eggs like the Del Lago lake encounter to brand-new ones like an incredibly helpful way to skip one of Resi 4's hardest moments.

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As spotted by Redditor Tactical_Banter and shared on the Resident Evil subreddit, Capcom has added a way to skip the iconic Chapter 1 village fight entirely in Resident Evil 4's remake, although it's not super easy to do. Anyone who has played through the section in either the remake or the original will remember that the sound of church bells is what stops the villagers from attacking Leon. In one of the coolest easter eggs I've seen in a Game for some time, we can now use that to our advantage to skip the fight altogether.

Village Fight Skip (RE4 Remake)
by u/Tactical_Banter in residentevil

All you need to do is get up onto the roof where you first find the shotgun, and then aim towards the church in the distance. It's hard to see the bell in the distance and seemingly requires a sniper (or just really good aim), but if you manage to shoot it, it'll ring and the villagers will disappear, ending the fight.

This unique skip was showcased by Redditor Sorekasho, who recorded a clip of them managing to pull it off. As you can see in the video, it's not an easy shot to make, but on Professional difficulty runs where the player has access to a sniper rifle from the start of the Game, it's a damn sight easier than going up against Dr Salvador.

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