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Resident Evil 4 Remake Deluxe Edition Costumes Imply Ashley Is A Scene Kid




The special "casual" costumes that come with the deluxe edition of Resident Evil 4 seem to imply that, in her free time, Ashley Graham is a scene kid.

When the Resident Evil 4 remake was announced, Capcom confirmed that it'd receive the usual deluxe edition variant, which would come with a few unique items, controversially including a treasure map that gives access to treasure that otherwise wouldn't be there. Less controversial are the costumes that come with the deluxe edition, which feature a range of unique looks for Leon and Ashley based on several different themes.

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We've known which costumes Leon would get as part of the deluxe edition for as long as we've known about the edition itself, but Capcom decided to blur out what Ashley's costumes would look like, presumably just to have a bit of a surprise for when the Game launched. As pointed out by Redditor MarkReunitedMCR on the Resident Evil subreddit, Capcom has recently updated the listing for the deluxe edition to show off Ashley's costumes and the results are... interesting, to say the least.


One of the costume themes in the deluxe edition is "Casual", showing off what Leon and Ashley look like in their spare time. This certainly tracks with Leon's outfit choice, which is just a stylish RPD bomber jacket, but Ashley's goes for a bit of a different look. Instead of dressing down. Ashley's casual outfit shows her with her hair highlighted pink, platform shoes, jorts, a band t-shirt, a choker, and at least three different belts.

Considering this is listed as Ashley's "casual" costume, it seems to be implying that she's a scene kid in her spare time, a side of her we definitely didn't get to see in the original Game. Whether it's just a fun costume that's paying tribute to 2004 culture or something that this version of Ashley will talk about in the remake isn't clear, but it's an interesting implication nonetheless. I guess even the President's daughter has to have hobbies.

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